Suzhou Gardens

Suzhou - Lingering Garden
Suzhou - Lingering Garden

The Suzhou Gardens represent the most creative gardening masterpieces of ancient China

Suzhou is a major Chinese city of more than 4 million inhabitants situated by the lakes in the Yangzte River Delta in the Jiangsu Province, some 100 km/65 miles west of Shanghai. Dating back more than 2,500 years, Suzhou (pronounced Soochow) is one of the oldest cities in the Yangtze Basin. While perhaps most famous for its classical gardens and canals, Suzhou is also renowned for its silk. Having served as the center of the silk industry during the Tang and Song Dynasties, Suzhou has regained its position as the top producer of high-quality silk over the past three decades. Today, visitors to Suzhou can create their own silk road by visiting iconic locations across the city that provide an authentic look into the important material that has been sewn into China’s history for centuries.

Header photo: Lingering Garden – Suzhou Tourism/PHG Consulting

Each year, millions of tourists travel to Suzhou to experience the destination’s more than 400 attractions, ranging from pagodas and temples to historical districts and world-class museums. As the largest industrial city in China, Suzhou continues to develop, such as the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), which boasts five-star hotels, the iconic Lake Jinji, and Asia’s largest Ferris Wheel. Suzhou  is sometimes called  “Venice of China”, thanks to its elegant stone bridges and canals, flowing water, and noteworthy architecture. The city boasts the beautifully manicured Classical Gardens of Suzhou, nine of which have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, four since 1997 and an additional five gardens since 2000.


Jinji Lake - Suzhou Tourism/PHG Consulting
Jinji Lake – Suzhou Tourism/PHG Consulting

All photos courtesy of Suzhou Municipal Tourism Administration/PHG Consulting