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Venice, to be or not to be a UNESCO “World Heritage in Danger”?

In the past years, several heritage protection organisations in Italy as well as Venetian organizations have contacted UNESCO claiming that a crisis point had been reached in the city, and warned that local authorities were no longer capable of protecting Venice…

Source: Venezia Autentica

Italy applies for World Heritage status for prosecco-growing region

Buoyed by a seemingly unquenchable British thirst for prosecco, the Italian region that produces the sparkling wine is seeking World Heritage status.

Source: The Telegraph (UK)

The unintended consequences of UNESCO world heritage listing

The principle of world heritage promoted by UNESCO is of crucial importance at a time when tourism has become a global phenomenon, involving more than a billion people and generating an annual revenue of nearly US$1245 billion in 2014…

Source: The Conversation

Trekking the Simien Mountains: Inside Ethiopia’s dying World Heritage Site

The Simien Mountains are on Unesco’s World Heritage in Danger List – we checked out a new tourist venture that claims to be trying to save the area…

Source: The Independent

10 extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

With its long and rich history, India is home to an astounding array of remarkable sites, many of which have been given UNESCO World Heritage status. We take a look at 10 of the most extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, from royal palaces and tombs to ancient astronomical architecture.

Source: The Column/Trafalgar Blog

Ruin or Rebuild? Conserving heritage in an age of terrorism

Debate is raging about how best to respond when historic monuments are targeted by extremists, now that digital technology enables monuments to be reconstructed…

Source: The Art Newspaper



The 7 Great UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Egypt

Source: HalalTrip

‘Why is the world so quiet?’

Yemen suffers its own cruel losses, far from Aleppo.

Source: Washington Post

World heritage sites to be transformed under new Scottish tourism campaign

Scotland’s world heritage sites will be brought to life by spectacular sound and light projections, pop-up festivals and street musicians, dramatic Viking re-enactments, a “Great Roman Bake-Off” and a St Kilda version of Minecraft…

Source: The Scotsman

Yoga added to Intangible Cultural Heritage list

The philosophy behind the ancient Indian practice of yoga has influenced various aspects of how society in India functions, whether it be in relation to areas such as health and medicine or education and the arts…

Source: UNESCO

Belgian beer culture added to Intangible Cultural Heritage list

The Belgian beer culture was added on Wednesday to UNESCO’s cultural (intangible) heritage list for being deep-rooted in the country with breweries, beer tasting associations, museums and events in every province of Belgium.

Source: Politico

Jordan is spectacular, safe and friendly – so where are the tourists?

Journalist Amelia Gentleman writes for The Guardian about her visit to Jordan’s mesmerising sights and how it has become a solitary experience…

Source: The Guardian

A Brief Introduction to UK World Heritage Sites

This week is the 30th anniversary of the inscription of the first seven UK sites on to the World Heritage List.

Source: Heritage Calling

Marine World Heritage Sites: Cornerstone of Sustainable Fisheries

Marine World Heritage sites should serve as time capsules show us what a healthy ocean looks like. But many have been subject to serious fishing…

Source: National Geographic

Save Pirin National Park: WWF urges for immediate action

Sofia – Pirin National Park in Bulgaria, which shelters possibly the oldest tree in the Balkan peninsula, could be added to UNESCO’s List of World Heritage in Danger. WWF urges immediate action against multiple threats to the mountain and launches an international campaign to save the park.

Source: WWF

The World’s First Football Club seek UNESCO World Heritage Status

Sheffield Football Club (UK), founded on October 24th 1857, have just submitted an application to the UK Government with the aim of becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Global Good: Your Responsibilities As A Traveler In Any Destination

Travel is often seen as an escape from reality. It’s a chance to let go of commitments and have a little fun. Unfortunately, our actions carry the same consequences abroad as they do at home…

Source: Epicure & Culture