Iconic Norway – An incredible journey

If you were to travel along the rugged coast of Norway, from the Russian border in the Varanger Fjord up north, visiting every fjord, bay and inlet, all the way down to the point where Norway meets Sweden, on the coast just south of Oslo, you would have to travel more the 25.000 kilometres, and that is excluding 50.000 islands. The length of the country along the borders with Russia, Finland and Sweden is about a tenth of the coastline, some 2.500 kilometres. The highest mountain in Norway is 2469 meters. There are vast mountain plateaus and numerous valleys, some long and deep, some densely forested, others are wide, open and gently unfolding. But it is the weather-beaten coast, especially in the north and west and in the deep fjords, that define Norway as a country of exceptional natural beauty. This is were the drama of mother nature plays at its most spectacular.

In the video “Iconic Norway – An incredible journey” director Grim Berge joins producer Sven-Erik Knoff on a symbolic journey through dramatic landscapes. They wanted to rediscover their home country, and capture its iconic sides. Together they visited fjords and mountains, cities and communities. While travelling they met Vikings of the middle ages – and adventurers of today.

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