The Historic city of Ahmedabad was inscribed on the World Heritage list on July 8th 2017

“Ahmedabad’s walled city has a history of last six centuries. It has a unique settlement which has acquired significant importance for its patterns and homogeneity of community living which is characteristic of its economic reliance on trade and commerce since centuries. This has now bestowed on us a priceless heritage of urban living which is traditionally unique”. UNESCO

Heritage Photo Walk

The black and white photos featured here were taken by artist and photographer Ganesh H. Shankar during a Heritage Walk in Ahmedabad in India, on April 2016, as part of the city’s bid for World Heritage nomination.

Ganesh has been doing photography for over two decades, focusing on creativity and art. To see more of his beautiful photography, please visit his website NatureLyrics. Many thanks to Ganesh for sharing these photos with us!

The header photo shows a Jain Sadhvi (nun) offering her prayer.

On the Ahmedabad heritage walk – Photo © Ganesh H. Shankar
On the Ahmedabad heritage walk – Photo © Ganesh H. Shankar

All photos courtesy of Ganesh H. Shankar
Life of Jain Monks and Nuns
This article was first published on May 15th 2016.