Asmara’s Modernist Architecture

Alfa Romeo, Asmara, Eritrea © Edward Denison

Asmara’s historic urban landscape appears almost exactly as it was when it was built The Modernist city of Asmara was built in large part in the late 1930’s by Italians with a futuristic outlook in the highlands of Eritrea on the Horn of Africa. A complete urban landscape and a hyper-modern city in its time, Asmara represents one […]


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Venice, to be or not to be a UNESCO “World Heritage in Danger”? In the past years, several heritage protection organisations in Italy as well as Venetian organizations have contacted UNESCO claiming that a crisis point had been reached in the city, and warned that local authorities were no longer capable of protecting Venice… Source: […]


The Forth Bridge is Fife’s man-made wonder

Forth Bridge at night © Ian McCracken . Welcome to Fife

The Forth Bridge was inscribed on the World Heritage list in 2015 The Kingdom of Fife just north of Edinburgh is known world-wide today for its abundance of golf courses dotting a scenic landscape steeped in history. The peninsula-shaped region, barely 80 km at its widest point, is peppered with picturesque sea towns and villages, offering […]


The Smiling Angel of Reims

L'Ange au Sourire, Reims

The Smiling Angel, “L’ange au Sourire”, standing just above the north entrance of the main façade of the Cathedral of Reims near Paris is one of the most famous works of medieval statuary. Carved sometime between 1236 and 1245, the enigmatic icon is not the only smiling angel in the 2303 large collection of sculptures at Reims, […]


Suzhou Gardens

Suzhou - Lingering Garden

The Suzhou Gardens represent the most creative gardening masterpieces of ancient China Suzhou is a major Chinese city of more than 4 million inhabitants situated by the lakes in the Yangzte River Delta in the Jiangsu Province, some 100 km/65 miles west of Shanghai. Dating back more than 2,500 years, Suzhou (pronounced Soochow) is one of […]


Carnival of Venice 2017

Venice Carnival - Photo: Asgeir Pedersen, Heredajo

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go!” Venice and the Carnival – they seem made for each other. Whether you find yourself in a crowded Piazza San Marco or in the labyrinth of the narrow alleys, strolling along the canals, sitting in a gondola gliding under the bridges or […]