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Urnes Stave Church, Norway

Urnes Stave Church

Urnes Stave Church is an exceptional example of traditional Scandinavian wooden architecture Urnes Stave Church is...
Siena Cathedral, Siena, Italy - Photo: Asgeir Pedersen, Heredajo

The spectacular designs of Siena Cathedral

Duomo di Siena is one of the most outstanding examples of a Romanesque-Gothic cathedral in...
Detail of Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" (Public domain via WikiPedia)

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper”

The present version of The Last Supper is the result of more than two decades...
Himeji Castle Japan © Srlee2 |

Himeji – a Classic Japanese Castle

Himeji-jo is the finest surviving example of early 17th-century Japanese castle architecture Also know as Shirasagi-jo...
Street cafes in the OId Town of Riga - Photo: Latvia Travel, Girts Ragelis

Art Nouveau in Riga

The Historic Centre of Riga has the finest concentration of Art Nouveau architecture in the...

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