About Us

Italy-Pisa (H)

Heredajo means ‘heritage’ in the universal language of Esperanto

Heredajo is all about travel, culture and history – in short, all the exceptional things that make up our past and for that reason are important for our future, be that a monument small or large, a cultural or natural landscape and of course, the people who live and work there and care for these places.

We aim to travel with respect for people and their traditions, the environment in all its diversity, and to take the time to fully experience the authenticity of a place. By carefully choosing where and how we travel, whether to a popular destination, a World Heritage site or to a lesser known place, we can and should look for ways to travel so as to minimize the negative impact on our planet and on the local community.

We believe that a successful integration of cultural and natural heritage and travel, should be enriching for all concerned, on a personal and local level in particular; culturally, socially as well as economically. We fully support ICOMOS, the International Counsil on Monuments and Site’s International Cultural Tourism Charter, and the UN World Tourism Organisation’s definition of Sustainable Tourism.


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